La dama y el vagabundo


Esta fue la única fotografía que pude rescatar del celular en el momento en que tenía a Luca muy entretenido en la terraza de la casa (no lo puedo exigir mucho a un celular, osea). Toca sacarlo para que gaste esa energía que tiene. No puedo sentarme en el piso porque se me tira encima, no sé si es que me confunde con la novia o que. Ah, perdón, no me he depilado las piernas aún.

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  1. sagittarian dice:

    I can relate, because same here with me, am not white either, I’m morena or fair skin. Mostly Filipina are brown not too dark not too white but I love my color. I don’t know why some white people think they were the best, if you let white people under the sun for couple of hours, hmmmmmm.. their beauty will gone too,unlike us, hehehe.. And your right, I find more beauty with dark people mostly, and i easily get attracted with them too.

    Nice sharing!:) thanks!:)Smile..:)

  2. misslego dice:

    Hi my dear Saggi, good to know your point of view…but I think you put it under the wrong post, lol…it is ok, I like hearing your opinion anyway 🙂

  3. sagittarian dice:

    oh, my…:)) hahaha.. Hmmmmm…sigh:( I think I was carried away when reading your post about white people,and it ends me here, in wrong post..hehe..:) passing by with *wide grin* lol:)) Oh funny of me..Lol..

  4. misslego dice:

    He he he, no worries Saggi, it is ok

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