Para la siesta, consiguete uno de estos


Yo no puedo estar mas agradecida con Luca, siempre me saca una sonrisa. Ahora resulta que le gusta hacer siesta donde se lava el trapero de la casa. No lo culpo, seguramente eso se siente fresco ahí adentro y es perfecto para sobrevivir a estas altas temperaturas. Miren esa carita como si fuera un perro juicioso. No se dejen engañar porque no lo es.

6 Responses to “Para la siesta, consiguete uno de estos”

  1. Balqis dice:

    He gives a very innocent look! I think he knows he’s going on blog. Nice shot. 🙂

  2. sagittarian dice:

    hi, yeah agree with you Balqis, and she/he because of Luca’s name sounds she,hhehe.. feels like wanted to ask Miss Lego ‘do i look perfect with this position?’ hehehe.. Nice sharing..:)

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  4. misslego dice:

    Wow Shayna, thanks a lot!

  5. misslego dice:

    LOL, you think so Balqis? hehe I wonder what could be crossing his mind that moment.

  6. misslego dice:

    Aww Saggi, lol, you made me laugh with your comment, lol, perfect! I guess maybe he was just trying to play games like the puss on boots, lol

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