¿Cosas sobre mi gato? intenta sobre una tortuga


No me pregunten cómo pasó porque no tengo idea. Fui al patio por la escoba y esto fue lo que encontré en la esquina. Ni siquiera sé cuánto tiempo tenía de estar cargando esto a sus espaldas, lo único en lo que pude pensar fue tomar la foto y perpetuar el momento. El responsable de esto seguramente no se dio cuenta e invadió de forma total el espacio personal de la inofensiva criatura. Me reí muchísimo, pero no descubrí la historia de esto.

13 Responses to “¿Cosas sobre mi gato? intenta sobre una tortuga”

  1. chulala dice:

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    thanks and keep the good work

  2. gigih dice:

    the animal may be smart, he wanted to take shelter from the hot sun. whether it is your pet?

  3. sagittarian dice:

    Hi Miss Lego,:) Miss you!.. How are you? Hope all is well..:) I miss your blog so much,:) And this post made my day,it makes me laugh, lols.. Maybe that small creature trying to hide, to save his life??? lols…

    Anyways, I’m happy to see you back..:) More hug and kisses..:)

  4. Kulwant dice:

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  5. Stephanay dice:

    Looks like he is in his comfort zone. LOL! Doesn’t even seem to bother him one bit. Too funny.

  6. Poor little thing, I do hope you cleaned it up and sent it back on it’s merry way, somewhere safe of course. Cute.

  7. misslego dice:

    Hi Chulala, thanks for visiting my blog.

  8. misslego dice:

    Hi Gigih, thanks for visiting. I really have no idea what to think of it, perhaps he was. It’s my mom’s pet.

  9. misslego dice:

    Hi Kulwant, thanks for visiting and sharing your blog in here.

  10. misslego dice:

    Hi Stephanay, yes, I saw him and looks like he is totally ok with it 🙂 Thanks for your visit.

  11. misslego dice:

    Hi Rum, don’t worry, he is totally safe and free as a bird, but I truly appreciated this picture he put himself into.

  12. Niloy dice:

    No need to ask how it happened but I really want to ask how you got this big turtle? It looks amazing.

  13. misslego dice:

    Hi Niloy. My mother brought it home when it was really tiny and well, it is all grown now 😉 thanks for visiting!

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