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My computer

Last saturday afternoon we had to switch off the computer. It was necessary to take it to the doctor, it looked so bad. Its vital signs were weak, alerts were very clear, the message was very clear: virus or something esle interfering with its functions and the hard drive. I had to lay down to no see the hard moment when it was carried in the car to take it to the operating room. I don’t know where I will see it again.


Crying isn’t preciselythe most beautiful thing on earht. Have you ever seen your face in the mirror while crying or some minutes after doing it? it’s horrible, your eyes get red as if some soap got in them, rings under the eyes

My body is reacting

I have noticed that lately I woke up feeling extremily tired, with a heavy and sore body as if a pick up truck just rolled on me. I am not sure what happens but that has affected my performance at the gym. I feel kind of lazy

Deep thoughts

Lately I haven’t met with my friends on weekends or any day of the week, in fact, I haven’t done anyting interesting. Oh well, yes, I have done interesting things but those doesn’t involve my friends. The

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