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Better said than done

Ok, it’s easy to tell another person what to do but so hard to apply what one preaches.

We never know

My eyes are still burning for some much crying. Yes, yesterday I kept feeling as depressed as always, but I didn’t go walking this time. However, I took advantage of the appointment I had for the neural therapy to walk a little bit slower than normal.

Letting go

Yesterday, it was 8:15 p.m. when I was sitting down some stairs at a mall, to the side of the parking lot, a place I thought had less people traffic. I was sitting there alone, unburdening my self, crying a bit. Depressión.


First of all, I would love to say the things I was doing today before coming here to the pc to sit down and write about something interesting. I point the fact that the entire morning I was seriously thinking of what to post today and some other new stuff I shall do in order to not forget something to

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