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With my grandpa

I just found out I am not as mean as it seems, I actually have a good and kind heart that gets happy with those little things that can make a difference.

The business

I don’t know why I said before “thank goodness I don’t have to go anywhere”. Today I had to take my CV to the university with that unbearable heat and incredibly shinning sun; I am definitly not applying the law of attraction the right way, nah, I have to make an effort and do it right.


A month ago I had to cut my hair but I couldn’t, and by now I still can’t because of the simple reason that I don’t have a single peso, how sad. According to the stylist, hair must be cut every two months and that’s exactly what I have been doing sacredly for the last two years, which has actually given me great results.

Frantic search…I think

Today I’ve been surfing the internet looking for some job offers with lots of dedication and eagerness, which I had long time without doing when I simply gave up on everything and didn’t want to know anything about life. Nobody did some brain washing to me, not even I myself know what this almost new and positive attitude is due to but I think is good, although it looks like I am under some sort of influence I can’t describe.

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