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My sweet teeth

When I thought I was loosing my basic faculties, when I thought I was muting to any other biologically different being, when I thought everything was lost, I had the pleasure to try something sweet again.

Getting a grip

Well, time changes definitly, even though it doesn’t look like, but it does change. I don’t know why I’ve been feeling better than a couple of days before. It’s not that I am super content, I am just less depressed.

My poor cellphone

I have have three cellphones so far, and it’s not because I change it for a better one but because I have been victim of two robberies where I have lost my papers, money, bag and of course, the cellphone. Just because of that I have have three different ones, not because I am in the ball of changing them every time

Rain and some other things

Rain season has came slowy to Cartagena. There has been very few rainy days and the amount of water is not significant, it’s nothing but a simple drizzle that only raise the heat that has slept on the dusty and almost-lonely streets. Poor girls, they have to put up with that bowling sun every day. Thank goodness they are made of very resisten material and

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