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Fun under the rain

I can’t complain for yesterday. It’s true that I started as a housekeeper since I had tons of things to do in the house, but that didn’t bother me because I have my drug to feel good: music. The cleaning journey extended until early afternoon hours and after that I came back to the computer.

Alert: fun housekeeping

(Español) Los días sábados son los más ocupados para mí porque me tengo que ocupar de la limpieza del hogar. Aclaro que aquí todos los días se tiene que barrer y trapear, eso es casi que obligatorio porque el ambiente mismo y el polvo de las calles entra en la casa con mucha facilidad

The backyard resident


(This post was pending since I had a problem to upload pictures but now it’s fixed so I am more calm now) The house’s pet. Doesn’t bite, doesn’t sting, doesn’t bark, doesn’t jump, it’s perfect. It’s nice seeing it doing the only thing it knows: nothing. It has a pal who is a bit aloof […]

Error infiltrator

When one wants to do things, the whole universe conspires to not let us make it. I don’t understand why so many things in life have to be so hard, I don’t understand why little things can turn into a real pain, a sea of frustrations without any need to.

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