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Yes, I am freezing

This days has been really good in terms of temperature. Since very early in the morning it started raining and raining, and obviusly that’s something that makes me happy.

How curious

We people are so weird sometimes, we do or say things that later are nonsenses or simply demand another explanation that does not follow human logic

Rest in peace little bird

A tragedy has ocurred. For unknown circunstances so far, my mom’s little bird has died. It was yesterday night when it happened. My mother and I were at church in a meeting with the priest, when suddenly her cellphone rang: it was my aunt, telling her that the bird looked kind of weird, like it was dizzy or something

The return

Finally…I have came back home. I was away from the virtual world for almost a month because either the computer is damaged or I have no internet, one of two, or both combined, or the first one, or the second one, anyway, a bunch of obstacles that unable me to blog but now I am here and here I shall stay, I have returned to my baby blog.

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