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A little pause in the brain

I haven’t been doing the home work lately, I have let go some good things out of my mind that I have felt like commenting publicly but in the instant I sit in front of the laptop, my mind switches off and search for some other stuff to see instead of just go and face my blog administrator panel.

Styling hair with some shine

Yesterday I washed my hair, which I had to do on monday but since I got carried away with the computer long hours in the evening and later I had to run to do some diligences for my mom, I had to put it off for yesterday. I had to take the itching that attacks […]

Thumbs up for God

Those people that do not seek God, those that do not know Him and from that ignorance they dare call us crazy to those who do follow, love and worship him, they have no idea what they are missing. If they think that people that follow him do not enjoy life and have a blast, they are way wrong

Another sweet experiment: kiwi and honey

Yesterday morning I decided to try another eatable combination to see how it could work. Since I didn’t want to have large breakfast, because I do have it at the priest’s house after we record the program at the radio station, I chose something quite light like almost every friday

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