Another sweet experiment: kiwi and honey

Yesterday morning I decided to try another eatable combination to see how it could work. Since I didn’t want to have  large breakfast, because I do have it at the priest’s house after we record the program at the radio station, I chose something quite light like almost every friday in order to not leave with an empty stomach. it’s vital to inyect some energy to the body to function correctly.

I would have normally picked a slice of bread or a fried egg, but I decided to pick some kiwi. It’s a bit acid to have it early in the morning, I know, but I just thought of showered it in honey. I actually conceived that idea last night, since I remembered I had honey in the kitchen and haven’t used it at all, so I had just the time for it yesterday morning. I took a picture with my cellphone but it went out kind of out of focus. Don’t blame it on me, I can not ask much from a cellphone when I want to make a close shot. Anyway, here it is:

(Before taking the photo I had already eating some of it) Ok, this size works best to not show so much it is out of focus, however the idea is just give you a little inch of how the experiment looks like, but better than the appearance, it’s the flavor. When I had  the first bite I was wowed: The union of the acid flavor or kiwi with the sweetness of the honey is just incredibable. It’s something weird and maybe very atypical but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. It’s true I didn’t consult any nutritionist, maybe acid things must go one way and sweet things the other way,who knows, but the taste of this dish is just exquisite

It leaves a full sensation but it’s quite temporal. Personally I am never full after eating fruits, so I enjoy them between meal as a snack, of course, when I do have them because I barely remember to buy them when I have money, but I do remember I got to buy chocolates candies and ice cream which can never beat fruits and their vitamins, needed to be in good health.

I highly recommend this exotic combination, it’s quite delicious and besides that, it’s very playfull, since once you put it in your mouth, you can feel the fight between the acid flavor of kiwi against the sweet and nice honey. It’s a wealthy fight  I must say, and the winner is always who can enjoy it.




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  1. Beth says:

    Kiwi and honey sounds great together, but I never thought about mixing the two before. Dessert is now set for tonight….thank you!

  2. misslego says:

    Oh yes, you shall try it, I loved it, hope you like it too, and thanks for dropping by!

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