A little pause in the brain

I haven’t been doing the home work lately, I have let go some good things out of my mind that I have felt like commenting publicly but in the instant I sit in front of the laptop, my mind switches off and search for some other stuff to see instead of just go and face my blog administrator panel.

Sometimes I even have chills because for pushing me so hard and prepare myself to write daily, I think I have lost that original passion and flavor, that little something that I felt in the beginning of this journey when everything just flow naturally when writing and something interesting would come out of it. Of course, in spite of this weird stage I am now impossible to describe clearly, I still feel I am doing some good pieces. Maybe it’s not the solution to economic problems, nor the cure for AIDS, neither the perfect weapon for war, but it’s something nice in some senses.

Before, I copied in my notebook very judiciosly any idea that popped in my mind that would be the key to another post. That way I got to make a list with more than 100 topics that I haven’t touched just yet, and that’s because I public more fresh things related to any particular event, whether it is something here at home or outside, me being the main character or the bad guy, or whatever, after all it’s my blog, it’s my story, it’s my ideas.

These days, I have seen the laptop like a sergeant, like it was just demanding from me “write, write, I order you to write”. I don’t know if that’s any good. Maybe it is not, the good thing would be if I can just relax with really fresh ideas and totally clear about whatever I want to write at the moment and that I wasn’t afraid of the keyboard.

I have concluded that I am kind of pushing the situation so I am going back to that exercise of putting ideas down in a notebook, if I can not run to the laptop to write the post just inmediatly for whatever reasons. Then, when it’s possible, when the time to face the computer comes, I simply have to have a quick glance on what it occured me and that would be enough to create the whole body of the content.

I am going to rediscover that pleasure for writing without fussing, rushing, fears and without pushing, may it all be natural, like the right beginning.  I think that way it would be a lot better. I don’t mean that my posts have been affected since I consider I have done some really good ones, which means that a little bit of tension helps, but not too much. Let’s control that from now on.


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