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Sexy trendy halloween

Halloween’s day hasn’t gone away for the clutches of the sexiness trend that has stood out for some years now, at least here in Cartagena my city. I didn’t planned any costume to wear this year, just one of myself, but if I would have done it, I definitely would have chose something sexy, there was no room for something else

When men are stupid

Halloween is near, a pretty date to see children wearing their costumes asking for candies in every house , although plenty of them do not choose the whole outfit but a horrible gorilla mask and they swear that is enough for a costume.

Wearing money

I have never ever had clothing that has cost me lots of money, at least not that I am aware of. My aunt sends me clothing from the US but I have no idea whether it is expensive or not, but since it’s all about american brands, I guess it’s nothing shocking that can break down her purse

I’d like to thank the academy…

(Español) Hoy recibí un mensaje que en realidad no esperaba. Después de hacer ciertos quehaceres en la casa, desayunar y por fin tener un tiempo para tener una conversación seria y clara con mi computador, me encontré con la sorpresa de que mi querida amiga blogger

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