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When rain rules

I have said hundred of times that I love rain, it is truly fascinating, refreshing and much better that the burning sun trying to roast us all day long, but it is way too much by now, enugh, exorbitant; it hasn’t stopped raining since last monday, which is big problem for lots of people that get the flood and the TV news are already talking about the disaster caused for the water

Keep warm in a cold night

The weather in the city has been quite odd, something very unusual due the frequent rains during this month, which hadn’t happened for the past years. I guess all this thing about the global heat has lots to do with the huge changes the climate is living lately.

Would I survive a cold country?

Nights are cold lately because it is still raining, not all the time but the precipitation has been a bit considerable these days. It seemed like the rain season had ebbed since the week before last one was quite hot, but rain, alhought a little intermitent, has came to refresh our nights, mainly.

Geckos entertainment live in the house

Yesterday night when I was getting ready to go to bed, I went to the kitchen for a glass of water when pfff I saw in the wall in front of the entrance of it, 2 geckos. The bigger one that I supposed it’s the male, was biting the female in the side and had it quite still. She is considerably smaller and seemed like offering any resistance

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