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Happy time

For the last days we all at home have had something different to laugh and relax to emancipe ourselves from all the tenions that get us down since things don’t go exactly as planned and wanted. That something has a name and it’s Luca. Going to the back yard of the house is meeting with him and see how he prowls between ones’s feet feeling like playing.

The no-listing for new year

It looks like the new year resolutions thing has always been hot in United States and some other countries. The truth is we don’t do that here in my land, or at least I don’t hear anybody talking about the famous to-do list for the coming year. I could garantee that the most said words regarding expectations for the new yea are love, peace and prosperity, being this last one the most palatable.

Reflections momentun

Normally for this time of the year my mood is not the best one and I don’t know what to blame it on whether myslef or the circunstances of life that sometimes they look that things we aren’t certainly attracting to our lives, like many phsychologists and personal developers want us to believe. This year compared to last year that was a total disaster from the right beginning to end, I haven’t felt that cold, distant and indifferent about christmas and new year.

Someone is getting carried away with someone

I can’t help it. I feel like a little girl with a new toy. Luca has become the center of attention and I have to make clear that in theory I am not his mother, but I still feel I must cooperate with his healthy growing. My mother, that is his mother, is really watching over him. My aun, that is not his aunt, said she will not have anything to do with him since the very first time he arrived home but that is not necessary, my mother and I can take care of him.

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