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Have you cut your hair…lately?

Last friday night I had my hair cut for a bit. I always do it every 2 months so it was about time, but in this opportunity they have to cut a little bit more than usual since the left side of the mane was longer. I realized that long ago when I brought it in front of my shoulders and noticed the unevenness looking in the mirror.

A special report about the writer’s block

I am not any better yet. I am still blocked and I don’t know how much longer it will be. It’s something very particular and the symptoms are not to my liking; I have even felt like giving this all up and have a life away from the blogosphere but no, that can’t be the point. After all, this blog has a purpose in my life and I intend to accomplish it.

One gospel truth

I think I am going through one of those moments some people call the writer’s block and that is not odd for me. It has happened before and I have came out with a solution somehow, getting through my posts. If I am suffering the writer’s block, then, am I a writer? it’s just a random question, nothing more.

Luca takes the hood

Tonight was for Luca. My mother and I took him to his grandmother (human one of course) since she was keen to see him. My mother had already told me about the woman’s will, besides her daughter would provide us with the exact date of his birth as it seems like he is younger than we thought. The grandma’s daughter assisted the delivery so she is the one to give details.

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