Obstinacy or perseverance

If you want to hear about a true story of perseverance or obstinacy/stubbornness, you are going to like this one for sure. It’s about my mother. Like shown in the picture, she is trying eagerly to give a bit more or life to this christmas lights set that my aunt sent from USA 3 years ago or more. I believe it’s time to say good bye to the device but as far as I see, she insists in doing whatever it takes to make all the little bulbs light up again.

The whole set is not working. As time has passed by some of the bulbs have burnt off. My mother has a little trick to solve this issue, she has tried that during all these years of putting more than a thousand lights to the house for holidays season. It consists on changing one or two bulbs from their places, but it seems like that is not random, she identifies pretty well which ones to swap and it works most of the times.

This time it looks like the light set is taking its last breath. Most of the bulbs don’t work but she keeps hopes (I think) it could light up completely. She is replacing all the burnt bulbs for some of other light set, it seems. She started the task a few minutes ago and I think that is kind of tedious but she looks happy to do so.

I admire that in my mom.

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  1. If there is something you learn as you get older, it’s patience. and one must have patience to go through all these bulbs……its like taking a knot out of a chain necklace. 🙂

  2. peasblog says:

    that’s awesome in a society where people are wasteful and throw things out this is awesome

  3. A “keep trying” attitude is definitely one to admire. It is necessary for our survival on this planet 🙂

  4. misslego says:

    Hi Agnes, you have a point there. Thanks for commenting!

  5. misslego says:

    Hi Peasblog, I agree with you, this you can’t see it just everywhere. Greetings!

  6. misslego says:

    Hi Shayna, thanks for your words, that is so true and practical.

  7. ahmad fitrie says:

    thank for visited and your comment on my picture in http://www.ayojepret.com/2012/01/photo-sent-by-ahmad-fitrie.html
    nice to know you dear….. 🙂

  8. ivan martelo says:

    Miss lego,que relato tan pintoresco y tan chistoso, muy macondiano si se quiere. Aunque te cuento sorprendido que los comentarios de tus amigos o lectores me impactaron mejor… est’an geniales…se movi’o mucha reflexi’on alli`, como para tomarlo en cuenta uno mismo. Que bueno!!

  9. misslego says:

    Nice to know you too Ahmad Fitrie, your blog is great!

  10. misslego says:

    Hola Ivan, me alegra que digas eso, es muy satisfactorio. Gracias por la visita 🙂

  11. Saw your blog on the awards list by “Peaceful Controversy” and I love it! Good reads.

  12. misslego says:

    Hi Mollie Player, thanks for visiting my blog. I am glad you like it.

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