Relaxation like a human


Luca is amazing, he always comes up with things worthy of a smile. His back paws crossed when sleeping is something really curious. It looks like he copied cat it from one of us. How good to have him home.

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  1. Balqis says:

    I think, sometimes we copy cat the animals!! .


    Well, that’s a nice position to relax. Sometimes, I see my cat sleeping with its paws open and laying on its back. There are similarities between human and animals…in something like sleeping. 🙂

  2. misslego says:

    Lol, Balqis, sometimes I also see Luca the way your cat sleep, it’s so funny to see. Indeed it looks like a comfy position. Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Prabhakaran says:

    😉 Though like it !!

  4. misslego says:

    Hi Prabhakaran, glad to see you here. Thanks for your comment 🙂

  5. Kasi Phillips says:

    I had a doberman pinscher when I was a little kid, he used to sit on the couch and chew gum while watching TV.

  6. misslego says:

    Hey Kasi, are you serious? that must hilarious!!!

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