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Fell in love with a cat

Last sunday I stumbled upon with a beauty of a cat and I couldn’t contain my willing to touch it. I was in a school. The guard couldn’t tell me the name but he did tell me that it had its vaccines, it’s well feed and besides it had the surgery to prevent any pregnancy…yes, it’s her not him.

I am a surviver

I can now say I feel a bit better. My back is not in pain like before and my fingers slide as if they were dancing samba on the keyboard. This is way much better than the stage I was last week, what a horrific thing.

Houston, we’ve got a stiff back

These days I haven’t been able to blog properly for the simple reason that my body is totally indisposed. To be more exact, my back is totally indisposed and my fingers can barely move with little fluidity. This is all my fault and now I know it.

For a nap, get one of these


I couldn’t possibly be more thankful with Luca, he always put a smile on my face. Now it happens to be that the mop washer is one of his favorite spot to take a nap. I don’t blame him, for sure that feels fresh inside and it’s perfect to survive to these high temperatures here. Look that little face like he was a very judicious puppy. Don’t be fool because he is not such thing.

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