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I want to give up

Practically I am forcing myself to write right not. I don’t want to. In fact, I don’t want to do a thing, just go back to the buble where I was locked and only wear the happy mask whenever I have to face the world so that no one notices my true mood. That is not hard for me, I am very good at hiding my true emotions.

How to frighten away boredom

My mood hasn’t been the best for the past days. Especially today I woke up with those thoughts of past times that recall bitter sensations and total despair/hopeless. It’s not easy to be in a good mood with a diposed smile when one has a boring and bogged down life like mine.

Good news are always welcome

In case you don’t know, I wear glasses since I was 12. I have farsightedness, so the glassses are used to read, watch t.v., write, use the computer and everything else where one has to force eyes a bit.

A little chipmunk funny voice

A couple of days ago my aunt caught a super flu that affected her voice. That reminded me that in my school time, like 100 years ago, I used to have that same problem when I came down with that kind of flu that wants to hold you in bed all day long but somehow one makes the effort to keep going.

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