I am alive

Finally I have passed the pain test, I have survived this terrifying rejoining-week with the gladiator work out I usually have. I started easy, obviously, since I can’t abuse my body when it has been inactive for over a year.

Yesterday I was able to walk more natural, with a firm yet flexible step, like it has always been. I liked that a lot, which doens’t mean I didn’t have any pain because I was still kind of sore but not stiff. What makes me comfy about all this is that soon I will see the results that are not hard to keep as I am quite discipline when it comes to exercise, otherwise it would only be a waste of time, energy and money, being this last one a little limited, but there we go.

Today I could sit down without having to lean on my arms first, think of it for 3 seconds and let my body rest on the chair, bed or whatever I am sitting down on. I could clean my bathroom with no complications, wash Luca and do the cleaning in the house, without any discomfort.

Next week is going to be interesting then and I will be able to do the whole routine. I will also start with my abs and that is going to be another pain, that’s why I didn’t start them at once, to not make the torture a bigger one. Sore abs are more tolerable and even pleasant, it is a proof that muscles are working and it is done in the proper way. I will handle it with courage.

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