What’s keeping me from blogging?

I didn’t keep my word. It had written that it was not going to happen again (being away from blogging) and I did. Mea culpa. I have no excuses because the conditions have been favorable to remain with the healthy habbit of writing, precisely so that what’s healthy stays. I have been distracted with some other activities that involve the computer but I have deceived myself saying ” I will write later, it’s still early”.

I let time goes flying and focus more and more in the preliminary, everything I used to do more than 2 months ago as a preparation before writing. I stay there because it’s fun to listen to music, watch videos, check important emails and chat if someone is available for it. The chat is what distracts me the most and I can’t help it, or at least I don’t want to avoid it. Conversating is nice and it gets nicer if productive topics come out.

Like every other woman, I have the virtue to multitask. Long ago, I have posted things in my blog while chatting to someone, that is not an impediment. It turns out to be simple and non-distracting at all, but now it is and I don’t know why, nothing has changed and there is no new ingredient that might cause the interruption. I tried a couple of days ago but I prefered to concentrate in the chat. I was surely talking interesting things that just kept me from it.

Ideas has flown wonderfully, I have so many things I can write about here, but I have also surrendered to laziness. It is not the biggest obstacle as I am not lazy at all for the other hobbies, but yes, I can say it is a mental laziness. Listening to music, chatting, logging in on facebook and seeing the designers clothing websites don’t require that much effort; writing does need some of that.

There are not so fresh things, about some topics, but I do would love to share them here. Those are the kind of things that pop into my mind and have their own address: the blog. Many of the things I think of I relate them to the blog, I turn them into material for the blog in a very instantaneous way, after all that’s why I started this journey in the first place, to write about anything I can possibly think of and that is what I intend to do. Writing is a medication that works for me.

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  1. Writing is therapy for me, sometimes I am afraid to share what is in my heart.

  2. misslego says:

    Hello Rachel. I must say I am with you, I also consider writing a therapy in so many ways and that is why I intend to do it for real. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

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