Off the hook clubbing time mixed with work out

Yesterday was a fantastic day, one of the most spectacular afternoons I have had in years, and I am not exagerating because really, it’s been years I don’t know what having fun is like, I don’t know what it is going on but well, I am glad that life presents these opportunities out of the blue.

I went working out,  as I do it every day, same time, same channel. I liked it that the gym was not that crowded, that way is better, I feel free to use the machines and weights without having someone waiting for them or using them. We were like 5 people in there or something like that, which is perfect.

The thing just turned out better when Paolo arrived, one of the few friends I have made in the gym. In the music world he is best known as DJ Morfo. He inmediately played his music to give it a little some atmosphere to the gym and make the exercises routine more pleasant. The electronic music get it all started. I was just beginning my routine so that was a plus to work out with more energy.

The bliss to see the gym with few people didn’t last that long because some more clients came over half an hour after that. That is something I have to accept, I am not paying to have the gym just for me. The trainer says we have to share in case the machines are taken, and that is not problem for me, I have done that before, I had to, because there are some days that the place is really full so there is no other way.

Paolo, or DJ Morfo, was working out really hard so he just let the music play. When he finished his routine, or actually I don’t know if he did finish, I think he didn’t, he started mixing music live. He brought his laptop and of course, his DJ software. I didn’t realize of it earlier but when the music seemed to have some changes that a CD can’t possibly hold. Fortunately Paolo has pretty good music taste so I was in total ecstasy listening.

I don’t know whether it was the music , the mix or what, but I was not tired at all, instead I was super excited doing my exercises, that are heavy and it hurst and everything, but I was happy. DJ Morfo was mixing in a flawless way and that is such a luxury for a local gym.

I have no idea what the others were thinking of if they liked it or what, but I felt like I was clubbing. The music was great, I even got to Paolo to request for a song with a vote of trust. The full music repertoire was awesome and I couldn’t have asked for something better than that, a DJ mixing live. Such a shame I couldn’t take any photos.

During a break off my work out, I entered the “cubicle” (that is for sure the little tiny reception of the gym) to take a look on the mixing thing. Yes, I saw some lists, some bars like to turn down and up the volume, some more things in the screem of the laptop but I didn’t understand a thing neither I asked, I didn’t want to distract the DJ that was so charming in providing us this great entertainment.

Wonderful friday, it’s the only thing I can say. At the end I was more energized than when I got there in the first place.

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