I ran out of cheese

This world gives out pleasures I barely scape from and one of those is the food. So yummy, so assorted, so nutritious, so good the food, and lucky me I can eat almost anything because I have a metabolism that could make some women envious as they struggle to keep a good shape, when I don’t have to do the greatest effort to conserve the figure.

Lately I have had some close encounters of this world with the cheese, one of the food that makes my mouth water. There are times when I crave something with lots of cheese on so I have to run to a pizza place. If the budget holds me back from it, because I have to make it clear that I don’t always have the solvency to indulge myself,  I have to be content with a little serving of regular cheese I can get in the local convenience store and accompany with something else.

I have felt like trying to discover how many types of cheese can be to my liking; after all the variety is the soul of pleasure. Some weeks ago I bought some emmental cheese. When tasting it I inmediately rejected because it is too sweet. I gave it to my mother and apparently she liked it and of course, she is alwas happy that I give something to her.

After that, some days ago in that same area of cheeses in the supermarket another one was attracted to me, but I have to be sincere here, I bought it because it had a 15% discount; when ones has a reduced wallet like mine it is imperative to take advantage of these things without having to sacrifice the crave. I bought just a little since I didn’t want to repeat the experience of the emmental cheese that I dislike so much.

I couldn’t have made a better decision. It’s the Gouda cheese, a dairy delight that deserves all the flattery. I loved it, it fascinated me, what a yummy cheese. That same day I ate just a slice to savor it and take advantage of every bit of that flavor. Next day I had it with bread, and it remained as yummy as it is alone. Then the sad day came when I ran out of it. I didn’t share any of it with anybody, it was just mine. There are pleasures that are meant to not be shared.

2 days after that, I think, I was again in the supermarket and I inevitably got to the area of the cheeses. I searched among all those in case I could find my new best friend and cha chan! I found it…with discount again. There are dreams that do come true, and I believe the smaller it is the faster it takes to materialize. My happiness was in its pinacle and it all depended on a small piece of gouda cheese. If only everything else was so easy like indulging oneself with cheese.

Today was the sad farewell, the last good bye, the last slice resting in the fridge waiting to join me. I savored it with such  exquisiteness with such delight as if was a case of do or die, the last gouda cheese ever on earth. It’s not the end of the world but a pause to the shopping; my wallet went to reserve mode which means no more cravings…for now.

I feel so pleased when I indulge myself with these simple cravings that don’t require much. I can’t do it all the time, but  I can do it once in a while, and that is enough for me, at least for now until I become a millionaire and can have all the cheese I want, whenever I want and wherever I am, no matter if it doesn’t have a discount.

4 Responses to “I ran out of cheese”

  1. Such a sad, sad, state of affairs. You could move to Wisconsin and get a job on a dairy farm. Probably, all the free cheese you could want would be available. 🙂

    Lou Barba

  2. misslego says:

    LOL Thanks for that Lou, I will keep that in mind 🙂

  3. Viki says:

    There are two shops I simply cannot walk by without stopping and, often going in: a bookshop and a cheese shop. It’s hard to imagine a day without at least one slice of cheese, without feeling the wonderful flavors melting on my tongue or watching freshly cut cheese – I don’t buy these slice things – melt on buttered toast.

    Whenever I have less than three different cheeses to choose from at home, I feel very poor indeed.

  4. misslego says:

    Oh Viki, you are really something, less that three different cheeses at home is that bad? lol, well I am glad you enjoy the great pleasure of cheese!

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