A moment to think

I am tired. This time of the night it’s when I feel the full weight of the tiredness in me and that is the least to say; after an entire journey doing so many translations all day long, sitting in front of a computer, writing full speed, I get home, rest for 10 minutes and get ready to go to the gym.

I always try to eat well and hydrate a lot and be attentive to fruits and some extra things I can eat to increase the energy. I read somewhere that the pear is one of the fruits we must eat before the work out. The apple would be the ideal fruit for that but since I can’t have it, I replace it with the pear that is also good, it is not a straitjacket.

I haven’t eaten any fruits this week since I am kind of money-less and that makes things harder. Last week I did it to see how it might work and to tell the truth it is a great idea. This week that is halfway through I haven’t felt that my performance in the gym have diminished, all the contrary, I feel with more vigor  every time to train like it should be always: hard and with discipline.

Something really curious happens. When I am at the gym I feel recharged, full of energy and will. I do my exercices and even though I get tired a bit always, which is natural, I don’t feel the debilitation like I couldn’t do anything more once I get out of there. Despite that I do really tough and demanding exercices,  I feel strong. When I leave the gym, the change is brutal. An hour late I already feel super tired that I can’t even carry my own soul.

With that tiredness, sitting in the computer to check emails, facebook and write here is really an odyssey. Sometimes I think I am demanding too much from me and I should take things easy. The work I do, sitting there writing with no stops in front of a computer it’s really exhausting, and to make it worse when I finish I go to the gym to train. It sounds like I were training double time, wearing out the double.

I wish I found a product or food that helps me recover after all the hard work for a day. My brother says I must have the product he has, I think it is Cell Tech or something like that, I am not sure. He says that can really help me big time for the muscular recovery and the energy, which is what I need. I prefere go natural first, that’s why I am trying with fruits and things like that, even though I don’t do it every day.

I try to recall if before I ended this tired and I think not. After gym I could easily go somewhere else or do something else without feeling this exhausted, all the contrary. I have thought of doing a test and go somewhere after my work ouy to see what happens. Nothing should happen because the tiredness after training can’t be so inmobilizing, because if it were, then the people that train at 5 in the morning couldn’t handle their day jobs.

I am going to be attentive to what can happen the coming days. However, I know the current job I have for the moment is really exhausting. My back hurts, again, for all the translations I must do at the speed of light, type at the speed of light. I would like to know how many calories I burn there.

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  1. Rose says:

    Thinking is actually the most tiring form of activity, I guess. In addition to if you enjoy what you’re doing. I understand you in the part that when you work out, you can still do other stuff after. Then again, after an hour or so you feel tired. Try to complete 10 articles in 5 hours, sitting in front of your computer, with all the food you want in front of you. And you will feel like its draining your brain, and releasing all the energy from your body that you cannot do other things but sleep. Then try to work-out for say 8 hours while listening to music, and you still feel good after.

    I also noticed that the more you rest, the more you get tired. Ironic huh? I used to work 15 hours a day, but feel really energic whole day. But now that I only work 8-9 hours a day, 3-4 hours blogging at home, I always come to the point that I don’t even want to move anymore. Ehehehe

  2. sagittarian says:

    Hi there Miss Lego! 🙂 How are you? Hope you feel great this time, you’re such an energetic woman! And I envy you for that.:)

    How I wish I could share some good tips or good products/food on how to atleast lessen your feeling of tiredness.:) Maybe I’ll just give you my BIG HUG! 🙂 Blessed day ! 🙂

  3. misslego says:

    Hi Rose, you are so right. For the current job I have, I type like crazy in the computer and indeed that’s killing! but training, not matter how long, doesn’t leave that sensation, at least not that bad. Thank so much for your comment!

  4. misslego says:

    Aww Saggi you are so sweet! thanks a lot my dear, it is always good to see you around.

  5. Selma says:

    Oh, honey I have a little surprise for you and I do hope you will like it! 🙂

    More onfo on my blog:



  6. Barbara says:

    A vigorous workout? My dream come true. I don’t know anything about work outs but I know that every time I feel tired, everyone always says to take supplements.
    Lagos, Nigeria

  7. It sounds like you aren’t getting enough protein. Try to eat an egg or some rice and beans about a half an hour after you finish exercising. In general, there’s a difficult balance between pushing yourself to get good results and burning yourself out.

  8. misslego says:

    Selma my dear, I was away from all this crazy world and just now I see this. Thanks so much! I hope I can make it up for you somehow!

  9. misslego says:

    Hey Barbara. That is so very true, but I have to relay on fruits as I can’t take any supplements. So far, I have done well. Thanks for visiting!

  10. misslego says:

    Hello Bennett, sorry for my late response. I will keep that in mind, although at the moment, I’m havinf more eggs than ever.

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