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The post without a title

It was the first thing I thought when I came to name this post. There were times when the title was the last thing to write, some other times it was the first thing that crossed my mind but today, today is different, just because of the fact that this morning I had something in mind to write about, in the afternoon the idea had a little twist and now at night I just forgot about it.

A bundle of Joy


This is Amanda, a mix of schnauzer given to my mother a couple of weeks ago. She is charming and what’s most funny of all is her little beard, typical of that breed, although I don’t know what’s the other breed she’s got in her genes.

Introducing some news

Before I get deeper in some other matter I must say Luca is not longer living in this house. There are some photos of him over here, and I think he was likeable. Unfortunately it was necessary to search a new home for the hasty doggy.

The coming back?

It seems like I fear this. It’s been more than a year since the very last time I wrote here and, despite me telling myself that I will be back for a million times already, I didn’t do it.

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