The post without a title

It was the first thing I thought when I came to name this post. There were times when the title was the last thing to write, some other times it was the first thing that crossed my mind but today, today is different, just because of the fact that this morning I had something in mind to write about, in the afternoon the idea had a little twist and now at night I just forgot about it.

I have a battle with myself because my brain is divided (so obvious, it has always been divided); sometimes when something occurs me, in that precise moment I think it is a great idea, that will bring awesome things for my life if I make it practical no matter the sacrifices and the hard work I have to do for it, it will simply be a bomb of success. I think of the revolution, in the good sense of the word, that could be generated from that miniscule part of a dream, a goal, a target, a plan, a project.

There are occasions when, however,  no matter how much I ramble that idea in my mind that from the beginning it was me and only me who approves as excellent, something happen. Suddenly I come across with the totally white painted wall, a wonder of purity, and that is not what I see but the insignificant black dot in the corner of the lower part. That is truly a shame but the worst of all is that I sabotage myself. It’s not pretty.

I could have written about my experience with cooking and how I haven’t poisoned anyone at home yet, or Amanda and her mischieves, or the things in the gym that always inspire me but, for some reason I just got blanked. I guess it will take some time to get my cool.

I have so many things to confront to beat the black dot and see the white immensity in front of me. After all, nobody is pointing at it, I saw it by myself. Maybe I need someone to deflect my horizon from the black dot to the white peak. It occurs me that a divine sign could drag me out of this maze.

As I finish this post I can imagine a title for a next time: my modjo is back.





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