A little something to think about

(Translation: We all know how to cry when we are born, we need to learn how to smile)

I found this in my room and took a photo to share it with you.

Welcome nice sleep

It’s 10:17 in the evening and I am deadly sleepy. What a nice feeling, how cool to go to bed with all the desire of the world and the whole weight of the sleepiness on my eyes and my body. The last days have been a little bustled and this is the result of it.

Newsletter II

The universe definitely conspires to drive sadness away from me. Yesterday night I was not feeling exactly happy, it was one of those days when at the end I look at the reality of my life and realize how much I lack to get to the top. However, when I turned on my laptop and got into my facebook fan page I found news that made me smile.

Miss Lego reloaded

It’s good to be back. I have had some technical issues with my blog lately, which has kept me a little away and sad since that is almost like dead to me, and even more now when I am kind of sick with a particular discomfort all over my body which is not nice.

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