Off the hook clubbing time mixed with work out

Yesterday was a fantastic day, one of the most spectacular afternoons I have had in years, and I am not exagerating because really, it’s been years I don’t know what having fun is like, I don’t know what it is going on but well, I am glad that life presents these opportunities out of the blue.

I am alive

Finally I have past the pain test, I have survived this terrifying rejoining-week with the gladiator work out I usually have. I started easy, obviously, since I can’t abuse my body when it has been inactive for over a year.

Here I go

Wow, I just realized that exactly a month ago I wrote an entry in the blog. I didn’t think it was so long. I am dumbfounded. The truth is that I have been wasting my time in silly things when I instead could have used it perfectly to expose my ideas in the internet. That is in the past now, I will try to not repeat that. For my own good.

Bringing back gym times

I haven’t been to the gym for more than four months now and that shows here, since I haven’t written anything about it here. It was hard for me even to mention it before since I couldn’t get used to the idea of not going there anymore for the lack of money, but now I can say I got over it. It’s so useless

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