Introducing some news

Before I get deeper in some other matter I must say Luca is not longer living in this house. There are some photos of him over here, and I think he was likeable. Unfortunately it was necessary to search a new home for the hasty doggy.

I ran out of cheese

This world gives out pleasures I barely scape from and one of those is the food. So yummy, so assorted, so nutritious, so good the food, and lucky me I can eat almost anything because I have a metabolism that ccould make some women envious as they struggle to keep a good shape, when I don’t have to do the greatest effort to conserve the figure.

The call of the anxiety

I hate it that I have no clue on what to do to ease my anxiety melt downs. Yesterday I had one and it was horrible. I thought I was going to loose it for a minute but somehow I put myself together and made it through.

How to frighten away boredom

My mood hasn’t been the best for the past days. Especially today I woke up with those thoughts of past times that recall bitter sensations and total despair/hopeless. It’s not easy to be in a good mood with a diposed smile when one has a boring and bogged down life like mine.

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