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Introducing some news

Before I get deeper in some other matter I must say Luca is not longer living in this house. There are some photos of him over here, and I think he was likeable. Unfortunately it was necessary to search a new home for the hasty doggy.

My lovely tiny chair

When I was a little girl I got a very special gift from my paternal grandmother, rest in peace. I still have it, since that’s the habit we have here at home, conserve things for long and take care of them to prolongue its useful life, but that’s not the only reason I have to keep it because it is still in good condition so it’s not

You got what you deserve

Just as I wanted so, I had a great sleeping night yesterday. The heat hasn’t driven away, it hasn’t taken any vacations whatsover but I least I could sleep all night long without constant wakes-up. That was the good part specially because I bumped into bed so sleepy that I could hardly stand out to turn out the light.

With my grandpa

I just found out I am not as mean as it seems, I actually have a good and kind heart that gets happy with those little things that can make a difference.

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