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A moment to think

I am tired. This time of the night it’s when I feel the full weight of the tiredness in me and that is the least to say; after an entire journey doing so many translations all day long, sitting in front of a computer, writing full speed, I get home, rest for 10 minutes and get ready to go to the gym.

The call of the anxiety

I hate it that I have no clue on what to do to ease my anxiety melt downs. Yesterday I had one and it was horrible. I thought I was going to loose it for a minute but somehow I put myself together and made it through.

A little chipmunk funny voice

A couple of days ago my aunt caught a super flu that affected her voice. That reminded me that in my school time, like 100 years ago, I used to have that same problem when I came down with that kind of flu that wants to hold you in bed all day long but somehow one makes the effort to keep going.

Coming back to the beginning

(Español) Estoy tomándome un trago de Baileys a ver si me ayuda a postear algo hoy. Creo que he dado muchos pasos atrás en el mundo de la internet y el blogging, lo que significa que estoy como un recien nacido que apenas empieza a vivir.

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