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Real steel

I had way so but so long without going to the movies that yesterday I didn’t give it a second thought and I just went for it, besides because there is a great range of interesting movies and it was about time for me to get entertained somehow, I had to break the routine and that plan was inexpensive. I went there alone, as I have been doing for the last year

What can I call super 8?

This is weird. Before I started writting I first looked up for the website where I listen to online music, to accompany the moment as always. I chose the Bossa Nova channel, since it’s kind of sleeping time I think it’s appropiate to relax before going to bed. I already had in mine the first line to begin

About Love

There are so many things a woman does for love that I don’t know wheter that is love or some kind of stupidity. Love is beautiful, it’s a huge feelings and the most important of all, because at the end is what spice life up. Things made with love have a greater meaning, are richer, healthier and irreplaceable.

RED: retired extremily dangerous

Last week I went to the movies, needed some distraction, my mind was just wandering among crazy ideas. I went to see RED, an action film that got together amazing old school talented artits such as Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman. Ever since I saw the promo-comercial I knew I had to go see it. I

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