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So, is this what a mother does with her newborn?

I already communicated the big news about Luca, a month old puppie that is now part of this family. He’s been here for 3 days and has received the attentiona and care that he needs as he misses his mother. Food hasn’t been an issue, like my mother thought it would be; he can drink his milk from a plate which gives us lots of tranquility.

About rain, likes and dislikes

For a few days till now it has been raining quite a lot, and almost every day. The morning mainly comes along with the impetuous and cold rain, that I haven’t been able to enjoy properly since I have been a bit busy with some minor things.

Those all gym-good times

I do miss the gym so very much, I really do big time. That was one of the spaces where I could relax, relieve some stress and have fun at the same time, not to mention all the beneficial and productive work out I had to keep tight in a healthy weight, which means not being skinnier that usual

About Catholic faith

It’s funny that some people see it strange and curios to have a crucifix hanging from the neck. As a catholic I am proud to wear something like that, besides that’s not any accesory, it’s the image of our Lord on the cross that symbolize the salvation given to us by Him.

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