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A special report about the writer’s block

I am not any better yet. I am still blocked and I don’t know how much longer it will be. It’s something very particular and the symptoms are not to my liking; I have even felt like giving this all up and have a life away from the blogosphere but no, that can’t be the point. After all, this blog has a purpose in my life and I intend to accomplish it.

Fresh chocolate milk for kids

Few days ago, I was taken back to my childhood, and by that I am not talking about a time machine because if such thing existed I would have used it thousand of times to correct certain things that are not part of a good memory. I am talking about this

What can I call super 8?

This is weird. Before I started writting I first looked up for the website where I listen to online music, to accompany the moment as always. I chose the Bossa Nova channel, since it’s kind of sleeping time I think it’s appropiate to relax before going to bed. I already had in mine the first line to begin

A cause for unhappiness

I have been reading a great book about those things that make us unhappy, but things that are part of our personality which have nothing to do with the world outside. In that book everything, absolutly everything, points to the fact that one is the only responsable

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