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Styling hair with some shine

Yesterday I washed my hair, which I had to do on monday but since I got carried away with the computer long hours in the evening and later I had to run to do some diligences for my mom, I had to put it off for yesterday. I had to take the itching that attacks […]


A month ago I had to cut my hair but I couldn’t, and by now I still can’t because of the simple reason that I don’t have a single peso, how sad. According to the stylist, hair must be cut every two months and that’s exactly what I have been doing sacredly for the last two years, which has actually given me great results.

This has made my day already

I don’t know if I have spoken about my curly hair before, about how much it demands to keep it in a perfect-supreme beauty stage, it really needs lots od attention and lots of money, that one what I am lack of.

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