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My lovely tiny chair

When I was a little girl I got a very special gift from my paternal grandmother, rest in peace. I still have it, since that’s the habit we have here at home, conserve things for long and take care of them to prolongue its useful life, but that’s not the only reason I have to keep it because it is still in good condition so it’s not

About Catholic faith

It’s funny that some people see it strange and curios to have a crucifix hanging from the neck. As a catholic I am proud to wear something like that, besides that’s not any accesory, it’s the image of our Lord on the cross that symbolize the salvation given to us by Him.


I was a bit absent from the online world because I had a little mishap with the computer. The keyboard died and I had no solution at hand to solve the problem but right now there is nothing to worry about since I have another one, no new of something but it works and that’s what matters.

Regarding the rain

Oh I so love rain, It’s one of the things I like the most ever. When I see how it falls down I feel immensely happy, I don’t know why. I truly believe it’s refreshing and charming. It makes me call up emotions and though

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