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The call of the anxiety

I hate it that I have no clue on what to do to ease my anxiety melt downs. Yesterday I had one and it was horrible. I thought I was going to loose it for a minute but somehow I put myself together and made it through.

Have you cut your hair…lately?

Last friday night I had my hair cut for a bit. I always do it every 2 months so it was about time, but in this opportunity they have to cut a little bit more than usual since the left side of the mane was longer. I realized that long ago when I brought it in front of my shoulders and noticed the unevenness looking in the mirror.

When rain rules

I have said hundred of times that I love rain, it is truly fascinating, refreshing and much better that the burning sun trying to roast us all day long, but it is way too much by now, enugh, exorbitant; it hasn’t stopped raining since last monday, which is big problem for lots of people that get the flood and the TV news are already talking about the disaster caused for the water

Styling hair with some shine

Yesterday I washed my hair, which I had to do on monday but since I got carried away with the computer long hours in the evening and later I had to run to do some diligences for my mom, I had to put it off for yesterday. I had to take the itching that attacks […]

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