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Drop it like is wet…in february?

The world is crazy and a prove of that consists in this upset climate. Today we had our first rain of the year which is very unusual. February is a dry month and it is supposed that precipitations are resting and recovering their energy during that time to later drop hard from may until november or so.

Keep warm in a cold night

The weather in the city has been quite odd, something very unusual due the frequent rains during this month, which hadn’t happened for the past years. I guess all this thing about the global heat has lots to do with the huge changes the climate is living lately.

Be nice in public

I don’t understand how there are so many people with such disgasting habits like spiting in the street. That’s so gross and it definitively does not help building a good image in front of others. It’s so horrible seeing somebody in the street spitting just for the hell of it.

Mango to make my day

Sleep…one of the greatest pleasures on earth. I had to take advantage of today to feel free to do so, since week days are one heck of a hustle and bustle in this house and I prefer to help out with some chores than listening my aunt’s fuss kicking up saying she gets no help at all. I am not that mean, there are few things I do because I feel like doing.

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