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Good news are always welcome

In case you don’t know, I wear glasses since I was 12. I have farsightedness, so the glassses are used to read, watch t.v., write, use the computer and everything else where one has to force eyes a bit.

What category are you in?

A couple of weeks ago I noticed something that caught my eye but didn’t surprise me. I think that must be more usual than I imagine but not in such explicit way: like many other things, everybody does it but noone says a word about it.

The laptop and me

Even though I love to write and tell stories about my life or things that just occur me, there is something that hasn’t become my friend just yet: the computer. It’s a very helpful tool when it comes to

Yes, I am freezing

This days has been really good in terms of temperature. Since very early in the morning it started raining and raining, and obviusly that’s something that makes me happy.

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