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Drop it like is wet…in february?

The world is crazy and a prove of that consists in this upset climate. Today we had our first rain of the year which is very unusual. February is a dry month and it is supposed that precipitations are resting and recovering their energy during that time to later drop hard from may until november or so.

Cheap bus ride without planning it

Today as every friday I went out to record the broadcasting for the radio program I work with the priest Sahabel. I got out home on time today and arrived there first then him and Rosario, who also participates in the program and does a great job since her voice really suits radio standards

Yes, I am freezing

This days has been really good in terms of temperature. Since very early in the morning it started raining and raining, and obviusly that’s something that makes me happy.

The praise of a black

Searching among my papers and all that stuff I have since a couple of years ago that I don’t dare throwing away, I found some document that a friend had passed to me when we were in school , something really cool, one of those things that only people with such exquisite creative mind can do.

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