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The post without a title

It was the first thing I thought when I came to name this post. There were times when the title was the last thing to write, some other times it was the first thing that crossed my mind but today, today is different, just because of the fact that this morning I had something in mind to write about, in the afternoon the idea had a little twist and now at night I just forgot about it.

Why the silence, say something

When a man see a woman that attracts him, he behaves in a very peculiar way that without mentioning a single word he says it all, with his gestures and other body language tools. His body tells on him while he doesn’t dare say much.

About rain, likes and dislikes

For a few days till now it has been raining quite a lot, and almost every day. The morning mainly comes along with the impetuous and cold rain, that I haven’t been able to enjoy properly since I have been a bit busy with some minor things.

When it’s time to post

I am developing some sort of ritual to get ready to post. It’s not something well defined yet but I am seeing certain attitudes and some other stuff in me that shows me how much energy I am putting in this.

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