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Miss Lego reloaded

It’s good to be back. I have had some technical issues with my blog lately, which has kept me a little away and sad since that is almost like dead to me, and even more now when I am kind of sick with a particular discomfort all over my body which is not nice.


I don’t know if you have notice it or what but I have been into some kind of writing blocking thing for the last two weeks. I sit in front of the laptop, check emails, read some blogs, log in facebook and when I get to my blog to do the home work I have bestowed on me, I get blocked, my mind goes blank; correction, it doesn’t go blank because I do have some ideas, I even have that list where I put down things to write in here, but I don’t know why I don’t go through it to find something cheering to write about.

Being usefull is nice

First of all I want to thank my dear neighbor Yaneth because of her comments about my blog and what she has experienced so far since she found it online, because all the zeal that unburdens her when she refers to it is so infectious and at the same time food that keeps me going in this writting adventure.

I need to write urgently

I have no idea what the hell was going on with me on january 6th that I was despairingly feeling like writing and writing. The bad news is that I couldn’t do it right away.  Reason why? at the moment in my house there’s only one computer, located in my mom’s room, she was sleeping, […]

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