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Happy birthday Mommy!

Today it’s my lovely and tender mommy’s birthday! a great happy happy happy birthday for her, full of joy, peace, love and many blesssings from God, whom she loves as much as I do

November festivities: no thanks

I like to party and get wild, the social entertainment is good and I consider it vital for a good health. It is true that I have been shut away in my house for so long lately for different reasons, especially for certain lack of money; if there is no money, I can’t even get an ice cream. When I have some, I can not waste it vainly, I got to know how to invest it and that means using it for things I actually need: soap, body lotion, stuff like that

Halloween in rain

Yesterday night was a bit tough because of the rain. Normally streets would have been full with kids wearing their costumes going from house to house treat-or-tricking people, but with that little intermitent wristle that insisted in ruining the party, there were few of them going for the adventure. At about 7:15 p.m they took advantage of the wristle that was having a break so they went out for fun.

Thumbs up for God

Those people that do not seek God, those that do not know Him and from that ignorance they dare call us crazy to those who do follow, love and worship him, they have no idea what they are missing. If they think that people that follow him do not enjoy life and have a blast, they are way wrong

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