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Sleep, dream, wake up

Just as I forescasted it, I slept like a baby. The only bad thing was the intense heat. To be honest, the whole day yesterday was a huge fire, since very early in the morning. I went out at 8:00 a.m and even though I first was under the air conditioner all morning, totally relaxed in terms of temperatures, no sweating, no stress


Music is something that always has to be present in our lifes, and there is really music for everything and for everyone.

When my mind wants to play

Ok, first of all I need to confess something, it’s a very tricky topic for me which I have just realized I still haven’t gotten over from, I haven’t moved on.

Never say never

It could sound a little  trite but it’s true, absolutly! I swear. The word “never” must be used with care, otherwise you’ll end up real bad. When you say “never” to confirm something positive, for example that you’ll never do drugs, you must truly believe it, not just say it for the hell of it. […]

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