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I ran out of cheese

This world gives out pleasures I barely scape from and one of those is the food. So yummy, so assorted, so nutritious, so good the food, and lucky me I can eat almost anything because I have a metabolism that ccould make some women envious as they struggle to keep a good shape, when I don’t have to do the greatest effort to conserve the figure.

Good thing gone quick

(Español) Ayer en la noche me tomé mis últimos tragos de Baileys. Digo últimos porque se trataba de la botella que tengo desde hace unos 20 días, más o menos. Evidentemente no me la iba a tomar toda en una sola noche porque la idea es disfrutar sin emborracharme…y nisiquiera sé que es estar borracha, pero tampoco quiero saberlo.

Yes, I am freezing

This days has been really good in terms of temperature. Since very early in the morning it started raining and raining, and obviusly that’s something that makes me happy.

Personalized b-day song

Yesterday my loyal reader, friend and neighbor had her birthday and obviously I had to go over her place. I think the idea we had at home, with her sister-in-law as our accomplice, was about giving her a surprise but, a couple of her relatives arrived before us so we couldn’t attack. Anyway, it doesn’t matter.

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