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Obstinacy or perseverance

If you want to hear about a true story of perseverance or obstinacy/stubbornness, you are going to like this one for sure. It’s about my mother. Like shown in the picture, she is trying eagerly to give a bit more or life to this christmas lights set that my aunt sent from USA 3 years ago or more. I believe it’s time to say good bye to the device but as far as I see, she insists in doing whatever it takes to make all the little bulbs light up again.

A little pause in the brain

I haven’t been doing the home work lately, I have let go some good things out of my mind that I have felt like commenting publicly but in the instant I sit in front of the laptop, my mind switches off and search for some other stuff to see instead of just go and face my blog administrator panel.

Fear of the unknown: not an option

Yesterday I found out on facebook that due to Cartagena de Indias bicentenary, the mayor administration organized a conference with noted historians and important people for the city, followed by a concert with the Comfenalco philharmonic orchestra.

Music is music

I definitly can’t write while listening to music. Ok, not always. It’s supposed to be played to liven up the surrounding, to not be surrounded by that silence

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