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Drop it like is wet…in february?

The world is crazy and a prove of that consists in this upset climate. Today we had our first rain of the year which is very unusual. February is a dry month and it is supposed that precipitations are resting and recovering their energy during that time to later drop hard from may until november or so.

I think I am worshiped by a dog

My brother says that it seems like I have some sort of imaginary banner in my forehead that reads “food” because each time Luca sees me he starts jumping and howling loudly, apparently demanding it, and maybe he is right since when I serve him, not before asking if my mother did it first, he calms down on the spot and I can get off the back yard leaving him at peace.

Cheers night and rain

Last night was the revenge of all those time when I wanted to have a drink but I couldn’t. Last night was unforgetable and special, not because I drank and free the little wild beast within me that likes to have some shots once in a while, but because everything was quite good

About Catholic faith

It’s funny that some people see it strange and curios to have a crucifix hanging from the neck. As a catholic I am proud to wear something like that, besides that’s not any accesory, it’s the image of our Lord on the cross that symbolize the salvation given to us by Him.

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