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The new showered puppie

Today Luca had his very first official shower. I waited the 3 set number of months according to the veterinarian to iniciate him in the healthy habit of the nice and always refreshing shower. I am happy that he didn’t get any bad smelling all this time so that was not a bad experience. In fact I enjoyed it a lot, especially because it’s been a long while I don’t shower a dog.

The puppie’s behavior

Here at home we have a natural alarm: Luca. He takes charges to wake up all of us here with his authentic howling at 5:00 a.m. That is the time he makes himself feel all around to get his prontly breakfast and there is no other way to calm him down. From my bed which feels deliciously nice at that hour I can hear that not so melodious concert. Poor grandfather and uncles ( their room is next to the back yard so they don’t miss a note).

If you are stressed, get a pet

Perhaps you have heard of some other things out there to release stress, but I dare assure very few times you have been told or have read that having a pet is actually something good to relax. It can be that getting a massage, listening to soft music, reading a good book, taking a bath, having sex and dancing are good stuff that might just work and I don’t doubt it, but having a pet brings you inmediate and long lasting results.

The look, the feeling in New Year’s Eve

I didn’t have to struggle, I didn’t have to pretend, I didn’t have to wear the mask: I had a good time on New Year’s Eve. I am serious, at the beginning I even decided I was not going to wear a dress to be sitting outdoor waiting for what, the end of a year and the start of another one? What with that? but when I saw my mother and my aunt looking totally elegant, I supported the cause and picked the dress. That is what I get for saying I wouldn’t wear it: I challenged the law of attraction and precisely it brought me what I mistakely announced.

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