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Pasta, cooked by me for the first time

Here at home they don’t cook lunch on saturdays, so dinner is prepared a little bit earlier and with a bit more on. Yesterday they kicked off the routine and prepared tamales with chicken and meat, a very typical dish in this region that is not made that often by this family; in fact, they do it once a year or even less than that.

Great session of night cardio

I got back home more than 30 minutes ago after a tough walk for an hour I did with my mother and just now I have the guts to start writing here. I don’t know what I was thinking, if even before turning on the laptop I already knew what I was going to talk about this time.

Setting the alarm: what for?

I sincerely don’t know why I bother on grabbing the cellphone, go to applications, select alarm and adjust the time I want it to wake me up, if when it does ring I just reach out my arm easily and turn it off. It is even more absurd that the whole last week that I had the sick leave for the left ankle sprain I had set up the alarm

Capsule food

There are days when meals are so but so delicious, that one would love the meat to taste just as yummy every day, that the chicken gets just rigth and that salads have that special touch. There are other days that one doesn’t have the same emotion when it’s time to eat since the flavor is never the same

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